Best of Beats 1 Week 1

Tuesday | July 07 2015 | 09:41 AM

Apple Music has now been available for one week and Beats 1 has 168 hours of content under its belt. Apple Music definitely isn’t perfect, but it’s solving my problem of having to switch between various music applications to play certain songs. Beats 1 is also proving to be very helpful because it gives me something to listen to when I’m sick of all my music.

Since starting to listen to Beats 1, I’ve added to my music library quite a bit. I’ve also started getting into something I said I would get back into with Spotify and never did. Somewhere along the timeline of my life where CDs were the mainstream medium and CD burners existed, playlists were an integral part of my life. I was making a new one at least every week for new music in the car. Once my iPod/iPhone started to take over that area, I switched to relying on a smart playlist sorted by date added. When I made the switch to Spotify, I was really only doing it for music I didn’t. Most of my playlists were just albums I wanted to listen to.

This is my first shared playlist, inspired by the first week of Beats 1. The playlist is divided into three sections. The first half is music that was played that I would consider more edgy in terms of radio, the second half is mainstream music that I like that they played, and the middle is kind of a combination of those two categories plus some older music. Feel free to check it out below and remember that the link will open iTunes/Music.

Best of Beats 1 Week 1 Playlist

If you like what Beats 1 plays, but can’t listen to it often, an Australian developer named Callum Jones created the handle @Beats1Plays where every track played gets tweeted out. If you don’t want to take the time to scour through that list of tweets, you can also check out the radio DJ’s connect pages. I’ve linked to the main three below, but you can check out to find out who’s currently on deck.

Zane Lowe
Ebro on Beats 1
Julie Adenuga on Beats 1

Unfortunately, a global radio station also runs into issues of licensing. There were two songs that I actually had at the forefront of my playlist, but they were unavailable to stream. I’ve seen numerous articles mention that unavailable songs would appear grayed out for users, but I’m guessing this is only if something is available on Apple Music for one country, but not another. So, I’ve gone ahead and included SoundCloud links to those songs below so you can still check them out.

House Every Weekend (Original Mix) - David Zowie
King - Years & Years

Happy listening!