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My name is Michael Deeb and I'm a web developer in San Francisco, CA.

Over the years, this website has provided me with a personal project/playground to try out various web technologies (currently React).

Content published to this website is mostly to document things that I think will help my future self, but I'm hoping that some of what I write can also benefit others. It is also my attempt to own my own content and at least publish redundantly, if not solely here.

My earliest web design memory was designing a single page for a video game using Internet Explorer (I know). After I had completed my creation, I attempted to show it to my best friend on his Mac and that's how I discovered cross-browser compatibility.

Recent Blog Posts

Look for a new post here every monthly. If you have something you want me to write about, let me know.

  • Best of Beats 1 Week 1

    Tuesday | July 07 2015 | 09:41 AM

    Apple Music has now been available for one week and Beats 1 has 168 hours of content under its belt. Apple Music definitely isn’t perfect, but it’s solving my problem of having to switch between various music applications to play certain songs. Beats 1 is also proving to be very helpful because it gives me something to listen to when I’m sick of...

  • What WordPress Taught Me About Jekyll

    Thursday | July 02 2015 | 09:41 AM

    When I first decided to put add a blog to my website, I ran straight to WordPress.org and jumped through all the necessary hoops I needed to get it up and running. WordPress is an amazing tool, but my needs were much too simplistic. Soon I started thinking that the full-featured tool was actually getting in the way of me putting out content...

  • Post Read Times and Jekyll

    Thursday | May 22 2014 | 09:41 AM

    It’s safe to say that the folks at Medium have done a superb job designing their platform and many people across the Internet are looking to borrow bits and pieces of their look. Aside from the Parallax-esque effect on their hero image, the other small detail that caught my attention was their reading length estimates on every article. In the...